Quality Members

CHEQS Quality Standards Members in Good Standing

Accredited Members in Good Standing

  • These programs are accredited by the Board of Standards to offer Accredited Certification Program Training.
    1. European Council of Leading Business Schools ECLBS
    2. QAHE International Association for Quality Assurance
    3. ACBSP Business Schools – 1000+ Worldwide
    4. MOOC programs recognized directly.
    5. US Dept of Education Recognized Accredited Business Schools
    6. AABFS programs
    7. Specializations at Business Schools 3.0 GPA
    8. ABA Law School and LLM Masters Programs – Specializations for Risk, Trust, Estates, Tax and Wealth Management including online masters in law programs.
    9. Onsite Informa Select Training Courses
    10. Onsite Thomson Reuters Select Training Courses
    11. Onsite MacKenzie Consulting Training
    12. State of New York Certification Training
    13. State of California approved Diploma Training
    14. The Asia Pacific School of Business (Private) Education Group ®
    15. Newfoundland and Labrador College
    16. GAFM China Training & Accreditation Office Beijing
    17. HK Xuewe International Business Academy
    18. AAGUC United College and Certification Programs
    19. P.T. Imperial Education Indonesia www.imperialeducation.co.id
    20. Aventis School of Management Singapore
    21. Chartered Institute of Technology Singapore
    22. ERC I Singapore
    23. Ivy Education Group Taiwan www.ivylearning.com.tw
    24. DGA Wealth Academy
    25. AAFM ® AAFM Philippines Government recognized training and diploma programs in the Philippines www.AAPMPhilippines.org
    26. Concordia University Asia and China
    27. GBR Limited Hong Kong and Beijing AAFM China
    28. AAFM India – Dir. Deepak Jain -AAFM certifications have been recognized by authorities including NISM and SIBE.
    29. Project Planning Academy Malaysia
    30. AAFM Taiwan c/o Ivy Education Group www.aafmtw.com 142, 3F/3, Chung Hsiao E Rd, Sec 4,?Taipei, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan www.aafmtw.com
    31. International Studies of Business & Finance (ISBF)
    32. Thomson Reuters International
    33. MENA ONE Consulting (SPC)
    34. Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) – Sri Lanka Chapter
    35. Academy of Multi Skills – UK Office:
    36. RSOF Royal Society of Fellows – BSII, Inc. Training USA, UK Royal Society
    37. Talent Management Consulting Germany EU
    38. Enterprise Institute UK Canada
    39. RCM Rockfield College of Management – Switzerland
    40. Western College of Sciences – Scotland UK
    41. Academy of Multi Skills – Certification Office Dubai office:
    42. Arab League Owned Arab Academy for Consulting and Training – United Nations Approved
    43. Governance House Education Training – Libya Morocco
    44. Development Institute of Science – AAFM and AAPM certifications are registered directly with the Ministry of Education in the UAE
    45. Development Paths
    46. Ihlal International for Training and Consultancy – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan
    47. SETC Training Academy UAE Government
    48. UBT University of Business and Technology
    49. Thomson Reuters – Global Training and Consulting – Location: Arabia, Asia, Europe, UK
    50. CIATC: Center of International Authentication for Training and Consultation – Dr. Abdulrahman Hashem – Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait
    51. Universe Path Academy for Training and Consulting
    52. Baker Tilly Consulting Kuwait
    53. Informa Training Global
    54. Gravity Consulting Company – Kuwait
    55. Bayt Al-Hikma for Training ( BHT )
    56. AIF American Institute of Finance – Esq. 1919
    57. GAFM China Training & Accreditation Office Beijing